What is Steiner Education?

Steiner Waldorf education was developed by Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner in the 19th century.

The method takes into account all the needs of your child, including their academic and physical development as well as their emotional and spiritual worlds. It is also rooted in putting your child’s special needs into focus and is based on a deep understanding of the di erent phases of child development. It develops a love of learning and an enthusiasm for school! And sees artistic activity and the development of the imagination as integral to learning.

The Steiner Waldorf method is tried and tested and is part of many state funded, mainstream schools in most European countries and is respected worldwide for its ability to produce very able young people who have a strong sense of self and a diverse set of skills that enable them to become socially and economically responsible citizens.

It promotes universal human values, educational pluralism and meaningful teaching and learning opportunities. For more info on the Steiner Waldorf method of education in Ireland and the UK, visit the website: www.steinerwaldorf.org