Parent Association

The Parent Association Committee empowers parents to be active in their children’s educational lives. It organizes seasonal events and festivals, community clubs, and educational parent workshops.

The Parent Association actively supports the involvement of parents by:

  • organizing communication between parents, teachers, and school staff
  • arranging opportunities for the school community to meet informally
  • inviting speakers to address relevant issues
  • linking with local organisations and other Steiner communities 


Seasonal Festivals

Colorful festivals celebrate the school’s spirit, and honor the seasons’ unique qualities. Interwoven with the cycles of nature, these events strengthen our community and establish rhythm for the children.

Community Clubs & Workshops

Community programs to inform and sustain family values: Steiner speakers, anthroposophy workshops, educational courses and clubs for parents and families. Includes Community Craft, Gardening Club, and more.

Steiner Network

Initiative to connect the three national Steiner primary schools’ Parent Associations. Objectives include sharing resources, supporting the development of our families with a holistic ethos, creating a more inclusive and transparent Steiner community.

Class Parent Representatives

Parent reps facilitate social connection amongst the class’ families and maintain open communication with the teacher. They might help coordinate school volunteers or act as a point-of-contact for parents.

School Volunteers

Classroom volunteers support student projects, class events, field trips or provide curriculum resources. Volunteers are also needed for seasonal festivals, school events, and general support of the school’s operations, buildings and gardens. Active volunteers strengthen the school community, foster joy in our work efforts, and create opportunities for connection.

Support from parent volunteers is an essential component of Steiner schools and the Parent Association Committee objectives. Many seasonal festivals are entirely dependent on parent volunteers and organizers.

Communication and Contact

Broadcast Channel:

This WhatsApp channel is used to inform parents about upcoming event information, fundraising, school community news, outreach programs, and volunteer opportunities.