Mol an Óige Community National School Mission Statement

Mol an Óige Community National School is a co-educational, multi-denominational state school underpinned by the following core values: 

Excellence in Education: Education for the ‘Head, Hands and Heart’ – the Steiner pedagogical approach – is honoured through an approach that emphasises experiential, creative and active learning with a view to fostering resilience, independence and lifelong learning skills. 

Care: Mol an Óige CNS is a learning community that encourages and develops care for ourselves, care for each other and care for the environment. 

Equality: In all aspects of school life, all members of our school community are treated equitably regardless of their race, gender, religion/belief, age, family status, civil status, membership of the Traveller community, sexual orientation, ability or socio-economic status. 

Community: Mol an Óige CNS is a learning community that seeks to foster a sense of connection, community and kindness through its communal celebrations of festivals with students, staff and parents. 

Respect: Respectful attitudes towards oneself, others and the environment are nurtured and developed. 

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We shouldn’t ask: What does a person need to know or be able to do in order to fit into the existing social order? Instead we should ask: What Lives in each human being and what can be developed in him or her?

Glaine inár gcroí
Neart inár ngéag
Agus beart de réir ár mbriathar

Rudolf Steiner

Mol an Óige