Parents' Association

On becoming a parent at Mol an Óige school, you automatically become part of the parental body called ‘The Parents Association’. All parents are in the parents association, and it is up to them to elect ‘The Parents Association Committee’ once a year at the AGM (Annual General Meeting). The Parents Association Committee is involved in organising events and raising funds for the school. They liaise with the Board of Management and advise them on issues related to the running of the school.

If you wish to become involved in the ‘The Parents Association Committee’, please contact Sian Harris on 087 662 3520 for more information.

At the Parents Association AGM, held toward the beginning of each academic year, the coming years actions are discussed, and a review of the Parents Association's achievements of the previous year is given. Any parent is eligible to put themselves forward for election on to the committee. This gives our school a truly democratic system of governance. Each parent is expected to attend, to be familiar with what is happening at the school and vote for the parents they wish to represent them on them on the Parents Association.